After a design solution is developed, many companies have to produce printed marketing materials. To choose the media that would attract your target audience, you have to analyze your competitors materials and consumer behavior and create a unique visual image.

Promotional Print: Important Tips

Before placing an order with a printing company, make sure that you know what the final product should look like. Here are some important steps:

- Communicate your requirements in a clear manner. All elements of printed materials should support your companys visibility and competitive positioning.

- Understand your competition: borrow some of their methods and ignore the rest. Remember that your main goal is to make your product recognizable.

- Understand the behavior of your customers. What places do they visit? What magazines do they read? Knowing your target audience would help you effectively distribute brand information.

Working with a Contractor

Please make sure to provide this data to your printing contractor:

- Format and type of materials;

- Number of copies and pages;

- Due dates;

- Color coding;

- Decorative printing methods that the contractor can use.

The final result can depend on the choice of equipment, effective communication, and flexibility of the contractors operations. Fabula Branding can help you optimize your budget, choose a reliable contractor, establish communication, prepare your materials for print, and meet deadlines. To request consulting on printed materials, please contact us at