What Is a Brand Character?

Every trademark has its own nature and values, and every company wants to be recognizable and maintain long-term relationships with its customers. One effective marketing tool to achieve this goal is a brand charactera mascot that makes a trademark more humane and gives it personality traits similar to those of its target audience. A brand character attracts attention to the product, has a positive impact on the brand image, and promotes empathy, trust, and loyalty.

Types of Brand Characters

A brand character can be a human being, an animal, or an imaginary creature. Whats important is that it is always lovable and recognizable. Some of the most famous brand characters are Ronald McDonald from McDonalds, Red and Yellow from M&Ms, Bibendum from Michelin, or the Marlboro Man.

Brand and Character Legend

Famous brands always have a unique story or a legendan extended version of their competitive positioning that creates an emotional atmosphere around the company and invites the audience into its communicative space.

Today, the whole world knows about the loving grandfather who allegedly created Pampers or the confectioner who is believed to be the author of Chupa Chups. These stories tap into our emotions and make us trust the brands more.

A brand character is an excellent basis for a fresh and memorable TM legend that can be built around the characters personality, life, or activities.

Communicating Brand Values and Mission through a Brand Character

The purpose of a brand character is to communicate the concept of a product. To do so, several aspects should be taken into consideration:

  1. - The characters life story that should be in line with the brand legend.

  2. - The characters personal qualities: is it calm or energetic, cheerful or wise?

  3. - The emotional response that the character is supposed to invoke.

  4. - The characters colors that should match the colors of the brand.

When all these criteria are well thought-through and the image is developed in every detail, a convincing, charismatic, and memorable character is born. 

Our Services

Before brand character development begins, we thoroughly study the market and consumers. Based on the collected data, we create unique mascots for our customers. A brand character can help re-energize your brand, tell its story, and communicate its advantages.