Очень! (VERY!)

A task:
Development of its own private label and brand
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The main feature of the private label for a chain of supermarkets "GIPPO" is a unique communication based on an atypical name compatibility with the relative private label offerings. The name becomes the main identifier of the new trademark, which includes the widest range of FMCG products.

The name "Very!" (in Russian) perfectly reflects the concept by forming a whole layer of semantic associations. The first series of associations is an exclamation about the quality, signifying high-quality elements: all the best and worthy of attention.

However, thanks to the language and name association, the usual cotton buds turn into "VERY cotton", the green peas become "VERY green", the rice is "VERY polished", the butter is "VERY buttery", and the napkins are "VERY paper". Such a VERY unexpected reading of the name makes communication with the consumer VERY friendly and VERY cheerful.

The new colorful line allowed to strengthen the position of GIPPO on the shelves as a part of the strategy to promote products under its own brand "Very!" and increase sales growth of the featured products.