Polotsk Dairy Factory
A task:
Naming and redesign
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At the request of Polotsk Dairy Factory, Fabula Branding redesigned its chocolate-glazed curd bars. The beloved dessert got not only a new packaging, but also a catchy name.

At first the customer expected only the package to change, but the team of the agency understood that wouldn’t be enough. To make a complete impression, the brand lacked an obvious detail - an interesting name. In their comments the customers mainly used descriptive phrases: “a panda bar”, “panda”, etc. Therefore, the familiar brand character had to appear both in the design and the name.

The new name Mi-Shu is kind, rhythmical, and bright. It embodies both the image of a cute panda and the emotions of the product itself. Moreover, the name allows the manufacturer to broaden the range and to produce other products under the same trademark instead of sticking to only one position.

The successive nature of the package design helps preserve the visibility of the product in stores. However, the character became more modern and acquired a couple of touching details. For example, Mi-Shu knows how the customers like his curd bars, and a heart-shaped logo helps him love them back.