Voronezhskaya konditerskaya fabrika

Voronezhskaya konditerskaya fabrika
A task:
Logos and corporate style, the creation of brand book
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While working on the logo, we decided to create not just a functional sign to act as a clear identifier of the company but also set a specific historical context with a number of associations.

The fantasy boat emphasizes the company's part of the city, where the first regular Russian Navy was built. An elegant "B" monogram, drawn as a sail, adds a definite sense of direction to the sign.

The presence of the date when the company was founded in the text box is traditional for the confectionery sector and highlights the status of the company. The sign is well-thought out and adapted for different media uses: each element is sufficient and recognizable even when it is used separately (in accordance with the guideline).

The main style forming elements in the preparation of brand book are patterns that unite the ship and confectionery concept: illustration image of the anchor, sailor’s knot, pieces of chocolate, pretzels, candies, etc.