Al Dente, clinic

Al Dente Dentist’s Clinic
A task:
To develop a dentist’s clinic brand
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The task of Fabula Branding was to develop a name, identity, and interior design system for a family dentist’s clinic. To distinguish the clinic from its competitors and form a positive image among the target audience, the team created an open and friendly brand.


The rich name Al Dente is translated from Italian as ‘to the tooth’. The name plays with the double meaning of the phrase evoking positive feelings in the target audience. The concept supported by the identity is fully based on the name.

One reference to it is the logo - a graphic interpretation of farfalle, or butterfly-shaped pasta. The universal corporate style is based on orange and white colours and adds to the bright image of the brand.

The team of Fabula Branding analyzed the company’s potential points of contact with its customers to create a comprehensive solution. The visitors feel and perceive the brand space the second they enter an Al Dente clinic. The team developed corporate and advertising media, a reception zone, and positive posters creating a friendly atmosphere through images and communications.