Nice to Minsk you

A task:
Develop brand for minsk (capital of BELARUS)
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We decided to reflect the main distinctive qualities of the city, which are clear to both visitors and locals of the city: the hospitality, kindness and warmth in all interactions.

The verbal embodiment of the idea was the slogan “Nice to Minsk you”, a phrase that rhymes with a common expression «nice to meet you». The grammatical inversion turned the phrase «to Minsk» into an action verb, which gave a word “Minsk” more action, direction and created a power while also added new dynamics for new encounters, old and new friends, amazing changes or even brighter future. And the name of the capital creates positive associations from pleasant acquaintances and good interactions. The visual aids reflect the concept of simple and succinct graphic sign that easily understood featuring pointer arrow. The dynamics and plasticity of the arrow allow the easy use of the sign in an urban environment, on souvenirs and promotional products.

Thus, we “make brand” not only a point on a map, but a set of attractions - we “make brand” of emotions and turn it into a city identifier!

The concept, developed by our company in 2014, was awarded a diploma of the International Festival of regional marketing and branding OPEN and received high marks from the international jury. In the same year, the project was also among the finalists for the creative works by the V International "Image of the Republic of Belarus” forum.