A task:
Design for the retail flagship store
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The results of joint work on the project for the "Red Pischevik" corporate store have become a spacious architectural concept that organically combined the strict classic design, built on constant elements of corporate identity, and gentle retro style, creating a need for a cozy atmosphere need for the candy shop.

The functional concept of the pilot store combined classic principles of barter trade on a large scale and a modern self-service system.

The dark red color, strong logo and font pattern emphasize the soundness of the company brand, its long history, and the warmth and energy are brought to the space with dotty wallpaper, vintage photos on the walls, and soft warm lighting of the low-hanging lamp shades reminiscent of those in a cozy cafe. The tangible result of the project was the album of standards for individual "Red Pischevik" stores to define the rules of visual brand identification in the retail space and serve as a starting point for the introduction of a new corporate identity of company’s own franchise and network of retail stores.